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This track was commissioned by Dancing Earth Indigenous Contemporary Dance Creations on behalf of Natalie Benally, for a solo work exploring her relationship to lineage, tradition, and ancestral language. In this track you will hear Natalie singing in a call and response with her mother, Louise Benally, describing the Diné lifestyle of sheepherding in Diné Bizaad.

Dancing Earth dynamically activates our mission to support Indigenous dance and related arts, to encourage and revitalize awareness of bio-cultural diversity through artistic expression, for the education and wellness of all peoples.

[Photo description: A photo of Natalie Benally, vocalist and the dance artist this piece was commissioned for, holding her hair up above her head with an image of the four sacred mountains tatoo'd on her upper back. An image of one of those mountains is overlayed with a desert landscape upon her back]



released May 10, 2020
Music: Dakota Camacho
Vocals: Natalie Benally
Speaking in Diné Bizaad: Louise Benally, mother of Natalie Benally
Album Cover Design: Dakota Camacho

shimá, shimásání

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