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(meaning “Give Life”)
Fino' håya chants converging with global hip hop sounds forge a prayer for harmony and balance with the natural world. A musical navigation through ancestors decisions and creative pathways for Matao creative potential.

Dåkot-ta’s first full-length album entitled, Na’Lå’La’ (meaning ‘give life’) is an epic sound journey documenting the reflections of a travelling Indigenous artist. Born in Coast Salish Territory (Pacific North-West of the United States) to a Matao father and Filipina mother, Alcantara-Camacho’s early musical influences developed in the underground hip-hop and youth poetry scene of Seattle.

Sonically traveling through a childhood spent in Coast Salish territory, nurtured by a community of activist artists as a part of Bayan-USA, Hidmo, the Katalyst Project, the Northwest Network, Seattle Capoeira Center, Voices Rising, Youth Speaks Seattle, and the spiritual families of Tlaloktekutli, First Rain, & the Indigenous Mind, through Moana-a-kiwa to Guåhan where Dåkot-ta learned and grew the confidence to speak their contemporary and indigenous languages and back to Lenapehoking (NYC), the Turtle Island birth place of hip hop, where chants from the ‘man-made’ waters confirmed fino’ håya is the language of the earth itself.


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