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#MataoMonday | Tinayuyot Minahgong

A Prayer for Peace Wednesday, September 20th 2017

#MataoMonday is Camacho's new weekly blog focusing on Matao cultural resurgence work.

A gathering of friends — from two nations caught in the cross hairs of geopolitical posturing — come together at Daejeon Park (named after Seattle’s sister city in Korea) in Duwamish Lands to pray for peace between their homelands and for all peoples on all lands with medley of ancestral song.

As Matao/I ManChamoru and Koreans we recognize the deep connections between our ancestral worldviews, practices, and values, and thus we commit to the ways of peace and harmony with mother earth and all of the elements.

We offer this prayer of unity and oneness with creation to the ancestors and encourage people of our lineage to come together through song, ceremony, community-making, and creativity.

As Matao/Chamoru and Koreans we firmly commit to solidarity with each other and will not be positioned against each other in furthering US imperializing agenda.

We recognize the effects of militarizing/imperializing on all of our motherlands, and reject the unjust and illegal militarizing of Turtle Island, Låguas yan Gåni (Guåhan and all islands of the Mariånas), and call for a global demilitarization/deweaponization.

We call for all people to live in their own ancestral rights, to honor and support indigenous sovereignty and well-being, to demand that the US Government honor the treaties and restore justice and spiritual relationships to the indigenous people of their lands, in every land around the world.

We advocate for #PeaceTalksNow with North Korea (DPRK) and an end to all wars to usher in an era of world peace.

We came together with these values deep in our hearts. We activate this prayer through the sharing of food, stories, and songs, Arirang and Nånan Nanå-hu — honoring the land and the energy of our mother earth’s love. We make this altar to proclaim an end to all wars.

We are friends and family: Roldy Aguero Ablao (Matao/Korea/Philippines), Dåkot-ta Alcantara-Camacho (Matao/Ilokos), DeAnn Alcantara-Thompson & Kingsley (Matao/Ilokos), Tino Camacho (Matao/Korean, Japanese/Italian), 김재은 (Kim Jaeeun), Roquin-Jon Kicho’cho’ Siongco (Matao/Philippines), Tino Camacho, 윤수영 (Yun Suyoung), Boo Torres (Matao) and Selena Velasco (Matao).

Migai Ma’åse to i che’lu-hu Deann Alcantara Thompsonfor suggesting that we come together.

(Suyoung and Jaeeun also organize with the an anti-imperialist/anti-racist Korean Diaspora group named 상록수 (Sahngnoksoo) based out of Seattle.)

#EndAllWars #IdleNoMore #OurIslandsAreSacred #NuclearFreePacific #IndependentGuåhan #PeaceTalksNow #SavePagan #HandsOffGuåhan #HandsOffDPRK #WaterIsLife

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