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Matao Movement Workshop with Kutturan Chamoru Foundation

A blessing to be able to work with Kutturan Chamoru Foundation and their che'lu organization Unu Hit this past month in Tongva Territory (Long Beach).

Have you ever taught a workshop for age ranges 4-40?! What a gigantic learning experience to shape the ongoing research in developing and sharing my Matao Movement philosophy.

Big ups to Heidi Quenga for connecting me to this vibrant community of powerful, fun, and daring community of #CHamoru artists!

Migai Ma'åse to Heidi, everyone that came to participate, support with food, cleaning, and taking care of our little friends who needed an extra bit of support!

To many more, I hope!

If you enjoyed the background song check out the album NA'LÅ'LA' on Spotify/Apple Music - all of my music is now searchable under Dakota Camacho.

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