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Lukao Fuha 2020

In 2014, group of Matao/CHamoru people living all over the world collectively felt the call to reclaim our New Year Ceremony. We decided to call it Lukao Fuha, literally translated as a procession to Fuha rock.

So many positive things have happened as a result of this body of work. Over the last six years, the ceremony has been celebrated by our communities in Guåhan, Hawai'i, Duwamish Territory (Seattle), Lunaaphokin/Lenapehoking (New York City), and Aotearoa (New Zealand). We have built deeper connections with each other across Diaspora/Homeland divides, we have connected with other Indigenous communities across the world, people have written papers and developed documentaries about our Creation Story, there has been more conversation in our communities about the reclamation of our ancestral spirituality, we have sharpened our understanding of our Creation Story, we have gained more clarity about the role ceremony and ceremonial life as a part of our movement, and most recently Nihi! has created this powerful and stunning account of Lukao Fuha and the positive impact it has on our people.

In the six years of this work, this was my first time being able to be in the homeland for the ceremony. It was sooo deeply moving to be witness to the powerful work Independence Guåhan is doing. They are such an incredible group of people doing necessary and inspiring work. I feel grateful that they asked me to offer a song at the start of the trailhead. Migai Ma'åse to I Fanlalai'an Oral History Project for their lålai that we were able to be bring to life on that day.

It has been such a humbling and transformative experience to be a small part of this movement to reclaim our New Year ceremony. I look forward to see what all will continue to unfold.

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