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Class: Matao Movement Laboratory

MASTERCLASS SERIES: Dakota Camacho Matao Movement Laboratory THURS SEPT 5, 12, 19, 26 / 6-8PM Velocity 1621 12th Ave

Dakota Camacho dedicates yo’-ña creative practice to the re-k/newal of ancestral knowing and the expression of Matao creativity. MALI'E, Camacho’s current work, is a performance research project re-k/newing the traditional Matao practice of embodied, improvisatory, collective, singing where oral history and prophecy converge.

Matao Movement Laboratory creates a space for embodied exploration of our relationships with ourselves, our ancestors, our land.

Engaging Matao (CHamoru) movement, song, language, ritual practices and practices learned along the journey to re-k/new them create an experience in which participants develop strategies for activating inafa’maolek (balance/harmony with all of creation).

*PLEASE NOTE: All classes will take place in Kawasaki, EXCEPT class on SEPT 19, which will take place in Founders.

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