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A Performance Lab on dxʷdəwʔabš land

It's an honor to announce that On the Boards has invited me to curate a Performance Lab this year. As I was considering what might be important to explore, I was reflecting on the protocol of my ancestors and the work that I've been called to do here in this Territory raising awareness of Coast Salish Protocol and also of the Duwamish. I am so grateful that Jolene Haas, the Duwamish Longhouse Director, agreed to sit down with me and have a open and candid conversation about the 'Land Acknowledgement' movement and share some of her perspective on what it means to be here in her ancestral land. If you're a resident of this place called Seattle, I highly encourage you to take a listen to her words and consider what living reciprocally with the land might mean. Whether that's supporting local environmental restoration efforts, Lushootseed language reclamation, making a monthly offering to Real Rent Duwamish, or journeying to know whatever your ancestors are calling you to do.

Please pass the word on to your creative family and consider offering your work!

Here's more information about the lab and how to apply:

A Performance Lab on dxʷdəwʔabš land is an opportunity to reflect upon and explore the relationships we have to the land and waters of the Duwamish. We invite artists to listen to the words of Duwamish Longhouse Director, Jolene Haas, to reflect upon our own personal and familial relationships to land, ancestors, and heritage, but also to forced relocation, and ongoing attempted genocide. As we give our attention to the voices of living Duwamish people, we contemplate how our creative practices can generate resilience, healing, feelings of kinship, and expand our notion of responsibility to this place called Seattle. As we build space for our communities’ cultural/spiritual/creative practices, how do we help steward the land in a way that builds collective liberation?

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