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all life is sacred 


the ark


sound Design & composition for Contemporary dance and Live performance

  • INDIGENOUS STAMINA — October 2018
    A Choreography by Jack Gray for Atamira Dance Company at Tempo Dance Festival

  • HOLY City (Hate Often Loves Us) March-June 2018
    a Choreography by Sammay Dizon presented at UrbanXIndigenous by API Cultural Center — San Francisco

  • The Culmination
    A new choreography by Jack Gray premiering in New York sponsored by Creative New Zealand

  • Mermaids Howl, October 2016
    A One-Woman Theatre piece by Marina Celander presented at Stockholm Fringe Festival

  • FANHASSO, June 2016
    Choreography by Matao New Performance Project presented at Festival of the Pacific Arts and Guam Art Exhibit

  • The Beauty of Small, July 2016
    Choreography by Bianca Hyslop for Dance Aotearoa New Zealand (DANZ) Te Kanikani Whakamatau – Māori Choreolab in Tāmaki Makaurau, Aotearoa (Auckland, NZ)

  • Indigenous Dance Forum, April 2016
    Choreography by Jack Gray, Asian/PaciHic/American Institute @ New York University Artist-in- Residence, Manahatta, Lenapehoking (New York City)

  • Tauparapara, October 2016
    Performed by Te Whare Hukahuka at Saskatchewan World Indigenous Festival for the Arts Choreography by Jack Gray, Atamira Dance Company

  • Guåhu Guåhan, April 2015
    A solo performance work by Dakota Camacho presented at Line Breaks Hip Hop Theatre Festival and Indigenous Choreographers at Riverside

Public talks


"Indigenizing Self” opens a doorway into the personal journey of honoring ancestry, land, and spirit. The workshop uses storytelling and autobiography to reflect on our own cultural knowing (and perhaps, why one may not know) as it relates to Indigenous protocol. It proposes new pathways for people of all nations and experiences to participate meaningfully in land acknowledgment. Together we will explore the roots of the emergent national and international land acknowledgment protocol to broaden perspectives about what land acknowledgement does and can do. I will offer several Indigenous theories and practices of introducing oneself, relating to community, land, and self as revelatory tools for developing self-reflexive, autobiographical, and authentic land acknowledgment practices.

Living Language was a one day event at The Endangered Languages Alliance in Manahatta during I LAND (in) Lenapehoking.

Curated by Jack Gray, the gathering created space for Indigenous and endangered languages to be seen through the lens of creative practitioners and culture bearers.


This is the first speaker in the series, Dåkot-ta Alcantara-Camacho who is Matao from Laguås & Gåni, who is part of the revival of researching and teaching traditional chant and creating new rap music in the first language of Guåhan, Fino’ Håya.


Thank you to the Matao New Performance Project, I Fanlalai’an Oral History Project, to the

Endangered Languages Alliance for hosting and to friends for coming to support.


Recorded and edited by Infinite Dakota.

Living Language - Fino' Håya 

presented at Endangered Languages Alliance in Lunaaphokin

September 2017


These mixtapes are a kind of podcast I recorded and edited as documentation for I MOVING LAB's  inter-disciplinary performance events that bring together scholars, poets, dancers, chefs, singers, weavers, musicians, and all forms of activators. 

© 2018 by Dakota Camacho