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Guåhu guåhan

Performed at Indigenous Choreographers at Riverside 2015, Cahuilla Land, UC-Riverside,
& Line Breaks Theater Festival 2015 at University of Wisconsin Madison, Ojibwe Land  

Guåhu Guåhan (I Am the Place of Existence), is a 40 minute contemporary indigenous bi-lingual physical theatre work, written, composed and performed by dakota that renews the collective shards of sacred identities in this trans-pacific ceremonial activation.

Guåhu Guåhan time travels diaspora routes to breathe in the life force of Guahan, their ancestral homeland. A shapeshifter/spirit/seeker spirals through infinite unlimited possibility emerging into meditative vision through prayerful spoken word. Volcanic chants and original ecological compositions of Guåhan open a portal to the creation story of a new world. The production honors all traditional guardians of the land on which it is performed.    

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