Camacho at I Moving Lab's Tree to River at Yirramboi First Nations Arts Festival 2017 in Birrarung-ga (Melbourne, Australia)

Photo Credit: Abigail Hector-Taylor Photography 


Founder & Creative Director

Guma’ Matao aims to house resources for the Chamorro community (and beyond) for the renewal of our ancestral life ways. 

We FANHASSO — remember, conceive, and imagine —  the house as living entity — it is the place where knowledge is stored — it is also the place where knowing come alive through activation — conscious engagement, prayer, chant, ‘performance’, dance, embodiment.  

I Moving Lab's Lukao Fuha | Hikoi Piha 

Photo Credit: Sherry Roberts

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Co-founder & Co-director

I Moving Lab is an inter-cultural, inter-national, inter-disciplinary, indigenous performance research platform. Formed in New York City in 2016 by collaborators Jack Gray and Dåkot-ta Alcantara-Camacho, I Moving Lab brings cultural practitioners, community advocates and artists of different nations together to present public workshops, artist talks, community activations, nature site visits and performances.

Lukao fuha

Lukao Fuha is a Matao / CHamoru resurgence project initiated around the world to recognize, imagine, and practice ceremony that honors the Matao/CHamoru New Year and lunar calendar traditions. The ceremony has been practiced by various assemblages of community organizers and cultural practicioners since 2014 in Guåhan, Duwamish Land (Seattle), Lunaaphokin/Lenapehoking (New York City), Hawai'i, and Aotearoa (New Zealand).

Community Organizer & Documentarian

Guma' Matao photo shoot for FANHASSO 

Photo Credit: Carol Brown


Creator & Curator 

#DigitalGuåfak started as cyber space for celebrating ‘everyday acts of resurgence’ by weaving videoclips, soundbites, and images of contemporary Matao spiritual practices to unify our lineages across and beyond oceanic/national/diaspora boundaries.

At the Urbanesia Festival 2015 in Tāmaki Makaurau, Aotearoa (Auckland, NZ) I co-produced Gupot Sumongsong and curated and presented people’s contributions to #DigitalGuåfak as an arts installation. 

In 2019, the project will re-emerge as a platform for inter-indigenous creative conversations about how our indigenous worldview comes alive in daily spiritual practices. The conversation will take shape as an online gallery of curated exchanges between Matao and non-Matao indigenous cultural practicioners. 

ARKiology EDUtainment NETwork

Co-founder & Artist

ARKiology EDUtainment is a NETwork of indigenous pasifika artist/educators proving we have always already been the experts on who we are, since ever since. 

Their self-titled album 'THE ARK' dropped in the summer of 2012 featured the anthemic 'I'm Down for the Movement'. 


The ARK website (now inactive) was a digital platform for creatively building an ARK to sail through the flood of mainstream culture. 


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